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PNW Moving is the easy choice to be your trusted movers in Tacoma Wa for those who want to have a great moving experience while keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum. We recognize that, in order to do this, we have to provide you with all of the great services that you need for your move done at a professional level.

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Your Preferred Tacoma Movers

Are you moving to, from or within Tacoma, Washington? Look no further than PNW Moving to handle your Move. With experience dating all the way back to 2016, we know what it takes to give you a stress-free move.

Not only are we dedicated to giving you a good moving experience, but we are also dedicated to making a positive impact on the community. Trucking is one of the biggest pollutants in the United States. It is impossible to truly avoid while moving, but PNW Moving is putting its foot forward with industry-leading Green practices to make up for this damage as much as possible to help combat climate change.





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Local Moving

Local moves in Tacoma might seem easy. Nevertheless, many challenges can arise, even with moves that take you only a few streets or towns away from your current home. Hiring professional Tacoma movers ensures that you have everything you need for your local move. Whether you're moving down the street or across town, our experts simplify loading, unloading, and transportation. Call movers in Tacoma, WA, from PNW Moving & Delivery today.

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Long Distance Moving

Long-distance moves in Tacoma require far more resources and time to successfully complete. You might even require storage services temporarily to keep your belongings in good condition. It also may take larger trucks and more planning to get everything organized for a major relocation. If you’re feeling lost on how to start your long-distance move, call our moving experts. We can provide assistance with every phase of your move, including planning, packing, loading, and unloading. We’ll be there for you every step of the way to reduce the stress and difficulty of your long-distance move.

Labor Only

Some homeowners are passionate about renting their own vehicles or having more control over their moving process. Nevertheless, getting assistance for the labor-intensive parts of your move can really alleviate pressure and stress. For the do-it-yourself mover, get labor-only assistance from professionals at PNW Moving & Delivery. We’ll help load your valuables into your vehicle or unload them at your point of destination. Whatever assistance will alleviate the burden of your move, we have a labor solution for you.

Packing Services

One of the most laborious and difficult challenges of your move will likely be assembling all your belongings. While many homeowners take this job on alone, packing can be a physically intensive and even potentially dangerous experience. Depending on your age, physical health, or other needs, requesting packing services could be crucial to improving your move. Moving experts from PNW Moving & Delivery offer top-rated packing services to help you assemble all your belongings. Get every room in your home perfectly packed up by hiring our professionals today.

Benefits of Working With Our Family-Owned Tacoma Movers

Working with moving professionals at PNW Moving & Delivery offers customers so many benefits. From keeping costs down throughout your move to reducing the stress of your relocation, our Tacoma moving services proudly aid members of our community.

Locally-Owned and Operated

Our Tacoma moving company is family-owned and operated by locals. As a locally-owned company, we take special pride and great care in serving our community. When you hire our professional movers in Tacoma, WA, you can expect top-notch services from locals who care about your satisfaction and experience. 

Fully Licensed and Insured

Many homeowners who hire professional movers in Tacoma worry about the safety of their belongings or the movers themselves. We operate a fully licensed and insured operation, so you can have peace of mind when workers move your belongings to your new residence.

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Upfront Pricing and Affordability

Moving services can help alleviate the stress of your move. However, you don’t want this assistance to break the bank. 

Our company provides upfront, competitive pricing so that you can plan ahead. We want every homeowner to be able to lessen the burden of their move with experts who care.

Reduce the Physical and Mental Stress of Your Move

Moving can be physically and mentally taxing. Every homeowner moves for very different reasons, some emotional and some functional. Regardless, our services alleviate the stress of your move and keep you comfortable throughout the process.

Second-to-None Customer Service

We prioritize your experience, which is why we provide outstanding customer service. When you choose PNW Moving & Delivery, you can expect second-to-none communication, planning, and assistance facilitating your move.


Leela Y.
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Excellent job! The guys were friendly and professional handled my heavy piano like pros and even made an extra stop to get a large couch out over a balcony. All for the quoted flat rate. Highly recommend, made moving a breeze!
Walter P.
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The PNW Moving Team and Service was great, professional, organized and everything went like clock work. The job was finished exactly as estimated and exceeded my expectations. I will use PNW again and I will also refer business to them and I have recommended PNW to my contacts in the Senior Residential Housing Industry.

Hire Tacoma's Trusted Movers With PNW Moving & Delivery

PNW Moving & Delivery offers the best Tacoma moving services for your residential move. Our quality moving services offer you a smooth, stress-free experience while moving into a new residential property. We prioritize your satisfaction and experience throughout the entire process.

For more information about hiring excellent movers in Tacoma, WA, call (253) 237-4291 and request services from PNW Moving & Delivery.