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Affordable Packing Services for Moves of Any Size

Packing and unpacking can be the most tiresome parts of moving, no matter the size of your home. At PNW Moving, we understand that you have enough moving-related items on your to-do list, and that’s why we offer top-notch packing services that allow you to focus on everything else. Our packing services are based on the same hourly rates as moving, plus the cost of packing supplies. Our packing crews are in high demand, so please let us know well in advance of your move if you would like us to do all or part of your packing and/or unpacking. Learn more about how we can help below, and please reach out to us if you would like to discuss your needs in more detail!

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Why Work With PNW Moving and Delivery?

  • Custom moving and packing services designed to fit your needs
  • Family-owned and operated
  • Transparent pricing and no hidden costs or fees
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Convenient service times


Full Tacoma Packing Services

Should you hire a full-service moving crew? This is a decision you need to make based on time versus cost. A packing service could add a couple hundred dollars to your moving budget. However, if you need to take extended time off of work in order to get the house packed and organized, investing in full-service packing may be well worth the price. Most of the time, our local movers can pack your entire home in one day. This saves not only time, but the hassle of living with — and out of — boxes.

Packing Specialty Items

If you’re concerned about transporting fragile and valuable items to your new home or simply want to lower the cost of your move while you pack everything else yourself, then we recommend that you invest in our specialty item packing services. We offer specialty packing for artwork, mirrors, and other breakable items that require extra care. If you have a large number of sensitive items, then we recommend that you inquire about our crating services.



In some cases, it makes more sense to pack your home yourself and leave the moving to us. We offer a convenient box delivery service with a minimum rate of $60.

You many choose to order boxes and supplies custom to your needs, or you may choose one of our convenient pack kits. Our pack kits are designed based on experience and generally cover all of our clients’ needs.

Pack Kits:

• Apartment Kit (1–2 Rooms) $225

Includes: 20 medium boxes, 15 large boxes, tape, tape dispenser, bubble roll, knife, and marker

• Small Home Kit (2–4 Bedrooms) $325

Includes: 25 small boxes, 20 medium boxes, 15 large boxes, tape, tape dispenser, bubble roll, newsprint bundle, knife, and marker

• Deluxe Home Kit (5–8 Bedrooms) $625

Includes: 25 small boxes, 40 medium boxes, 30 large boxes, 5 wardrobe boxes, 5 dish boxes, 5 dish dividers, tape, tape dispenser, 2 bubble rolls, newsprint bundle, knife, and marker

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Additional Packing Supplies

We understand that you may need additional items in addition to our pre-made pack kits. We also supply the following packing supplies a la carte to make your move as easy and convenient as possible:

  • Small Box/1.5 CuFt - $3
  • Medium Box/3.0 CuFt - $5
  • Large Box/4.5 CuFt - $6
  • Extra-Large Box/6.0 CuFt - $8
  • Dish Box - $14
  • Art Box/24x5x18 - $3
  • Art Box/36x5x30 - $6
  • Art Box/36x6x42 - $11
  • Wardrobe Box + Bar - $20
  • Table Lamp/Shade/12x12x48 - $5
  • Twin/Full Mattress Bag - $22
  • Queen/King Mattress Bag - $12
  • Telescopic/48x6x38-72 - $23
  • TV Box/19-22 - $16
  • TV Box/23-26 - $18
  • TV Box/32-37 - $30
  • TV Box/40-46 - $35
  • Packing Paper - $23

If you aren’t sure what you need to pack a specific item, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

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Packing Tips

  • If you’re packing everything yourself, use colored packing labels or another method to clearly label each box.
  • Load heavier items into smaller boxes. Overloaded large boxes are best moved by two movers, one box at a time. These boxes have a greater chance of collapsing under their own weight and they are almost impossible to stack in the truck. All of this will slow down your move and increase your risk of damaged items. Fill up each box to the top and, if necessary, use plenty of packing paper to fill any remaining space.
  • Book boxes (1.5 cubic feet) are designed to hold heavy items such as books, papers, files, CDs, DVDs, record albums, canned food, and tools/hardware. Pack them tightly since these cartons often end up on or near the bottom when the truck is loaded.
  • 3-Cubes (3 cubic feet) are best used for clothing, small electronics, miscellaneous items from drawers and kitchen cabinets, small picture frames, shoes, and many other medium-weight items.
  • Large cartons (6.0 cubic feet) are great for bulky and semi-lightweight items such as bedding, pots and pans, sweaters, lampshades, etc.
  • Remember that it’s always better to err on the side of having more materials. You don’t want to find yourself short on packing supplies the day before you move!
  • Always invest in quality packing materials. If you cut corners with boxes, packing paper, and other supplies, you may have to spend much more replacing damaged items. All of the materials supplied by PNW Moving and Delivery have been tested for durability and consistency.

Ready for a Stress-Free Move?

No matter where you’re moving, the process can feel daunting and overwhelming when you start to consider how many items you need to pack. Between coordinating with utility providers, arranging to move into your new home, and safely transporting every item you own, it’s easy to let the prospect of moving get the best of you before you’ve even started.

At PNW Moving and Delivery, we understand that a move of any size is a massive undertaking and will do everything we can to reduce the weight on your shoulders. We’ll provide you with an accurate estimate, answer any questions you have, and make recommendations based on your budget and individual preferences. We put our clients first and will never pressure you into buying services or items you don’t need. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Look through our reviews and see what other clients are saying about our moving services!

We would love the opportunity to show you why we’re Tacoma’s Top Rated Local® movers. If you would like to learn more about our packing services, give us a call or request a quote through our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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