An often overlooked part of moving preparation is determining what exactly you will — and most importantly, will NOT — be taking with you. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in packing and coordinating bookkeeping items that you don’t think about how you can lighten your load. If you have any furniture that’s old and worn down, or if you have household items you don’t need anymore, check out these easy steps for getting rid of them before you move.

Sell Anything You Won’t Use Again


If you have time beforehand, you can help recoup any possible moving expenses by selling still-usable furniture and appliances you don’t need or want. This puts a few extra dollars in your pocket and saves you the trouble of having to either 1) move it yourself or 2) possibly paying extra for someone else to move it. Ask your coworkers or neighbors if they are in need of anything, or consider putting your items up for sale on various websites and phone apps; you could even look for potential buys on social media. If you’re moving from a house, you could even host a garage sale to save yourself some packing time. Either way, it’s all about getting rid of things you won’t use in your new home.

Pack Them Up Seperately


If you don’t have time to sell, you still need to pack up your unwanted items, because everything will need to be taken out of your old apartment or house. Sort out the items you don’t want or need anymore, and pack them into their own separate, labeled boxes. Alternatively, you can seek the help of PNW Moving & Delivery’s packing experts to take care of this step for you. This leaves you with a clear indication of what you want to keep and what is essentially junk. Now you need to get them out of the apartment so you can deal with them a little later. Small boxes you can carry and store in your vehicle’s trunk no problem, but large furniture pieces require the help of Tacoma’s best moving help. PNW Moving & Delivery can provide local movers who will carry your unwanted furniture into fully-equipped trucks, so it can be dealt with once you’re fully moved out.

Donate Them To Charity Or Non-Profits


If nobody comes forward to claim the items you don’t want to move, the all-mighty go-to option is to donate them; this allows many other people to have access and get good use out of your old furniture and appliances. If you’re moving yourself, large boxes with an inventory list can be dropped off at various charity locations and even drop-off sites. Larger items can also be given to participating organizations and may even help you carry them out of the truck. While this may not help you make up for moving expenses, it’s an excellent way to get rid of clutter and to help out the larger community. 

Make Moving Easier On Yourself


Having to keep track of an inventory you don’t want can feel like extra work. Moving is a time when you should only be focused on the essentials that you care about — getting rid of the unwanted items is a great way to make the process psychologically and physically easier. Contact Tacoma’s PNW Moving & Delivery for all the packing and moving services you need and get a free quote today!