Choosing a local moving company is no easy task, especially if you’ve been in your current home for years and are just now starting your search. However, doing your research could be the difference between a seamless, stress-free move and an ordeal that makes you wish you had moved everything yourself. Below, we discuss six qualities the best moving companies in the country have in common.

At PNW Moving and Delivery in Tacoma, we believe that we exemplify all of these qualities, and more. Give us a call to request a free estimate, and continue reading below to learn more about how to choose the right movers for the job!

Six Qualities Your Moving Company Should Have


There’s something to be said for helping new businesses in the community, but you don’t necessarily want to be among the first clients a new moving company helps. Processes take time to refine, accidents happen, and unexpected delays happen regularly when a business is just getting off the ground. If you do choose to work with a company that doesn’t have much experience or an established track record in the industry, be sure to keep the following five points in mind before signing on the dotted line. However, we strongly encourage you to look for companies like PNW Moving and Delivery that have years of industry expertise.

Established Track Record

Looking at a company’s track record is one of the best ways to get an idea of what it will be like to actually work with them. Start by looking at their website and then turn your attention to their social media channels, Google My Business, and other online review platforms.

Do they have an established online presence? How often do they post on social media? Do they make their reviews easy to find, and do you notice any patterns among the positive and negative reviews? If you see more than a few reviews in either direction, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a similar experience.

License and Insurance

If you’ve found a company that seems promising, ask about their license and insurance before making a commitment. Trustworthy companies will be transparent and straightforward about these details; if you can’t find them, then you may want to look for companies that readily provide them.

Great Customer Service

There’s more to a move than simply packing up your home and dropping everything off. You’re entrusting everything you own to a moving company, and you need to make sure that you trust the movers and feel comfortable developing a working relationship with them.

Start by making a call or contacting a company online to discuss your needs. The best movers will take the time to get to know you, your needs, and answer any questions you have about your move on the phone. You should feel comfortable calling them and asking for follow-up advice, and you should always feel that they care about you as a client instead of just another number in their system.

If your move involves traveling over a long distance or putting items into storage and retrieving them later, you’ll want to pay even more attention to the quality of their communication. Do they return your calls in a timely manner? Are you able to get in touch with them via email? What do they do to keep other clients updated about the process? If you aren’t sure about whether or not a company will be able to answer these questions, then you may want to keep searching for a company that will.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

Most moving companies will provide you with an up-front quote, but you need to determine whether or not they’ve given you a base rate or an inclusive price. It’s unfortunate, but many moving companies offer low upfront prices and make their money off of packing materials and other add-on fees that you may not expect. In addition to directly asking what a quoted price includes, you can usually find information about a company’s pricing policies in their reviews and testimonials.

At PNW Moving and Delivery, we know that financial stress is the last thing you need in addition to your move. We’re proud to offer fair and transparent pricing that allows you to understand exactly what you’re paying for.

Related Services

Moving your belongings from Point A to Point B is stressful on your own, but packing and unpacking are arguably just as difficult. If you’re already looking for a moving company, ask about how much it would be to have them help you pack and unpack your belongings so that you can focus on other aspects of your transition.

At PNW Moving and Delivery, we believe that we possess all of these qualities and many others that can make your next move as easy and stress-free as possible. We would love the opportunity to tell you more about how we can help — get in touch with us to request a free quote and additional information!