Although local moves are significantly less expensive than long-distance moves, they’re not without their hidden costs. In this post, you’ll learn how to avoid five hidden costs of moving that can take a toll on your budget.

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Five Hidden Costs of Moving

Time Off Work

Unless you plan to get all of your packing, moving, and unpacking done in a single weekend (and trust us — that’s a lot of work on your own!), you’ll probably need at least one or two days off of work. You might have vacation time that you can use to keep your wages the same, but keep in mind that you’re still trading more time to move for fewer actual vacation days. If you hire professional movers, then you may be able to realistically move in a single weekend without time off work.

Pet Boarding

Have you considered where your furry friends will stay during your move? Many people board their pets instead of bringing them along for the move, which can be stressful and give them numerous opportunities to run away. If you plan to board your pets, be sure that you know how much you’ll spend and budget accordingly.

Eating Out

As professional movers, we can tell you with certainty that moving is hard work. However, we just get items from one place to another; you’re the one who has to set up new utilities, unpack, hang up furniture, and design an entirely new living space.

The result? You probably won’t feel like cooking for a few days. Include at least a few days’ worth of takeout as you budget for your move — we can almost guarantee that you won’t regret it.

Restocking the Pantry

And speaking of food, all of those near-empty condiments and spices that are taking up space in your kitchen may not be coming along for the ride. In fact, all of your groceries might have to be used or thrown away if your new home doesn’t have a fridge ready for you on move-in day. No matter what your circumstances are, plan on your first grocery trip being much more expensive than you’re used to.

Temporary Storage

Not all transitions are smooth, especially when it comes to leases and mortgages. You might find yourself stuck with a gap between your move-out date and your move-in date, which means that you’ll need to invest in temporary housing and storage until you can officially move into your new home.

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Moving can feel daunting and stressful, especially if you’re not prepared for unexpected expenses on top of everything else. We hope that this post will help you avoid some common extra costs associated with moving, and we plan to continue providing you with helpful moving-related content on our blog. Be sure to check back regularly for updates!

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