Moving makes most people feel stressed and overwhelmed. The thought of moving every possession they own from one place to another is daunting enough, but the thought of packing every item and making sure that everything makes it to the destination in one piece can make the move feel nearly impossible. Then, there’s the prospect of unpacking everything and finding a new place for all of the items that were so painstakingly boxed up. Is it any wonder that people procrastinate and put off moving-related tasks until the very last minute?

At PNW Moving and Delivery in Tacoma, we’re dedicated to helping our community move efficiently, and more importantly, with as little stress as possible. Our blog features a number of different articles about packing and preparing for a move, and we’ve even dedicated an entire page to tips and tricks that can help you avoid last-minute stress when moving day arrives. Today, we’ll cover several things you should avoid when packing before discussing how to unpack once you’re in your new home.

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Unpacking Your Home Efficiently

Find a System That Works for You

Nothing will make a move feel chaotic and disorganized quite like winging it. We’ve listed several ways you can make the move easier on yourself below, but above all else, find a system that works for you and stick with it. Whether it’s fully unpacking and decorating one room at a time or splitting your time between rooms and unpacking the most important things first, having some kind of system you can rely on will make it much easier to stay on track.

Put Each Box in its Respective Room

Start by making sure that every box is where it needs to be so that you aren’t having to go from room to room to find what you need. If you hired a moving company, they likely took care of this for you.

Consider Starting in the Kitchen

For most people, the kitchen is the most difficult part of unpacking, so why not tackle it first? Unpack your plates, cups, bowls, and silverware, and anything else you might need to access while you unpack the rest of your home (You may want to run a load of dishes to make sure that everything is clean!). Then, focus on finding a place for items like your coffee maker, pots, pans, and other staples that are probably cluttering your kitchen just sitting in boxes.

Prioritize Bedrooms

Many people find that unpacking and setting up bedrooms is a great way to make the spaces feel more comfortable and like their own. Hang pictures, put fresh sheets on the bed, and give all of your favorite nick-nacks a home, even if it’s temporary.

Create a Schedule

If you still feel stressed about unpacking after prioritizing your kitchen and bedroom, create a schedule for the rest of your home. Make a goal to unpack another room or two on the weekend, giving yourself time to rest and relax in between. Above all else, your home should feel like a safe and comfortable place rather than a source of stress.

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