Staying organized while you move isn’t easy, even if you’re a Type A individual who generally knows where everything is at all times.

Moving upends every aspect of your life, and maintaining that level of organization — or any semblance of it, for that matter — can be extremely difficult if you don’t know how to plan. In this post, we’ll discuss five easy-to-implement tips that can help you stay organized and sane as you transition from one home to the next.

At PNW Moving and Delivery in Tacoma, our mission is to help you make your move as seamless and stress-free as possible. Whether you need complete packing services or full-service moving, we’re here to help. Keep the tips below in mind as you move, and get in touch with us for a free estimate when you’re ready to take the next step!

Five Tips to Make Your Move Easier and More Organized

Move Less

The easiest way to stay organized while you move? Move fewer things.

It might sound obvious, but we think that you’ll be surprised at just how much stuff you actually have once you begin packing it into boxes. Keepsakes from years ago, clothes you haven’t worn in ages, and junk you’ve accumulated but haven’t thrown away are all standing between you and a worry-free move. Consider selling or donating gently used goods instead of spending time and mental energy packing them. Your move might even cost less as a result!

Pack By Room

One of the easiest ways to become overwhelmed with your move is to throw items from different rooms into the same boxes. Combining items similar in weight and size makes intuitive sense, as does filling up extra space in every box; however, this strategy can quickly turn into a nightmare when you need to find a certain item and have no idea where it is. We recommend packing and labeling each box according to the items it contains and the room they belong to. And if you don’t want to pack everything up yourself, just get in touch with PNW Moving to learn more about our convenient and cost-effective packing services!

Create a Folder and a Checklist

You have a lot going on during your move, and you shouldn’t expect yourself to be able to remember everything you need to do at all times. We recommend creating a folder that can hold all of your moving-related documents. Remember that you’ll need to contact the utility companies and keep track of current lease or mortgage documents; your moving binder is the perfect place to keep them all.

You should also create a moving checklist that’s specific to you and your family’s needs and keep it visible in the binder. If you’re planning your move a few months in advance, then you may want to organize it according to month. If your move is happening on short notice, then it may need to be more like a to-do list. No matter how you choose to create and organize your moving checklist, you can trust us when we say that you’ll be glad you have it.

Unpack on Your Schedule

As we noted at the beginning of this piece, moving is a very stressful process. You’re going through a major life transition and, while it’s important to unpack everything eventually, you don’t need to pressure yourself into doing it all in a single day.

With the hardest parts of your move behind you, you can afford to unpack at your own pace. This gives you time to take care of administrative tasks like setting up utilities, changing your address, and most importantly, taking a breath!

Find a Reputable Company to Help

If the prospect of organizing your move — even with the tips we’ve outlined here — still feels daunting, then it’s a good idea to contact a professional moving company for help.

Many people are resistant to hiring local movers because it adds an additional cost, but the convenience and peace of mind that come with knowing your belongings are in good hands is priceless. That said, you need to do your research and look at testimonials in addition to a company’s rates to make sure that others are having positive experiences, too.

Check out the PNW Moving testimonials on our website and Facebook page if you’re considering us!

Contact PNW Moving and Delivery

We hope that this post will help you organize and plan a successful move. If you’d like additional help, just get in touch with our movers for a free quote. We’re a local Tacoma moving company that can help you with everything from packing and disassembling large pieces of furniture to unloading and unpacking your entire home. We understand that there’s nothing easy about the moving process, and we do everything we can to take the stress and hassle out of your life transition.

We look forward to helping you with your move!

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