You know the stress that comes from a big move. This is no secret. The good news is that your move doesn’t have to be that way. Our Tacoma moving company provides world-class moving services that can make your entire move a breeze.

Don’t believe us? We even offer a professional packing service. For a lot of folks, packing up the home is the most stressful and time-consuming part of a move — by far. Imagine a move where all of your packing was taken care of. Imagine a move where all of your stuff was loaded onto a truck and safely transported to your new home. You wouldn’t have to give any of it a second thought. This is something that PNW Moving & Delivery can offer you.

Of course, a professional packing service isn’t for everyone. It will add some extra cost to your move, for instance (though, as you will see below, this isn’t always the case). And, though they may be rare, some people even enjoy packing up their belongings. It’s all about finding the right balance for you. If you’re considering a professional packing service, then this blog is for you. We’ll take a look at some of the reasons why you might want to turn to a professional packing service for your move. Whether you decide on our packing service or not, be sure to contact our moving company for expert services in Tacoma. We look forward to hearing from you!

On that note, let’s turn to five reasons to choose a professional packing service.

1. You Get Trained Professionals

This first one might be pretty obvious. You should certainly expect professional packers from a professional packing service! But, just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean that it’s not important. The fact that your belongings will be packed up by professionals is one of the biggest advantages to using a professional packing service.

Our movers are extremely experienced in packing. We know what we’re doing. By turning to our moving company, you can rest assured that your belongings will be packed efficiently and safely. This can make a huge difference when unpacking, of course, but it’s also a massive stress-reliever. It’s simply nice to know that your belongings are being taken care of by the pros.

2. Our Movers Will Have a Strong Grasp of Your Entire Move

Another advantage of working with our moving company is that our professional movers will have a strong grasp of your overall move. This will allow them to know exactly what to pack, how to pack to it, and why it needs to be packed that way. 

Our movers know not only how the boxes should be loaded in the truck, but where the boxes should be placed when they make it into the new house. This means that you can basically remove yourself from the whole moving process. You can trust your packers with your move from start to finish.

3. You Will Save Time (And Even Money)

As mentioned above, the stress of a move is no joke. There can be an overwhelming number of things that need to be done before settling down in a new home. It would make sense for people to wish that they could make clones of themselves just so they can get everything done before the move! In a sense, our packing service can act as your clones. Our professional movers will come in and pack up your stuff — no problem, no stress. 

The amount of time this frees up for you can make a huge difference. It can open up time on your schedule to run other errands for the move, from going to the post office to meeting with the real estate agents. This is an important consideration for people when thinking about the cost of a moving company. For a lot of people, the need for packing might require them to miss work, which is money out of their pockets. The ability to stay at work while we do the packing can end up saving you money in the long-run. Saving money or not, it will certainly save you lots of time. 

4. We Have the Right Boxes and Right Tools for Your Move

Correct and efficient packing can make a huge difference for the safety of your belongings. Packing things into an ill-fitting box can lead to broken valuables. That’s not something you’ll have to worry about with our packing services. We offer a variety of kits to fit your needs (and your belongings).

For instance, packing up an apartment is going to look different from packing up a five-bedroom home. Our packages reflect these differences. If you’re looking for packing services for a small apartment, then for $225, you can get the following:

  • 20 Medium Boxes
  • 15 Large Boxes
  • Tape
  • Tape Dispenser
  • Bubble Roll
  • Knife
  • Marker

Different homes call for different packages. We also have packing services for specialty items such as mirrors and artwork. Whatever the case may be, our Tacoma moving company can help figure out the best strategy. For a full list of our options, be sure to visit our Packing Services page.

5. You Get Less Stress

You may have noticed a theme running through this list: our professional packing service makes things easier on you. This might be the single most important advantage. It’s hard to put a price on lifting the burden of stress during a move. 

You will save time. You will know your belongings are packed by professionals. You will know that everything will have its place and be carefully attended to. What does all of this add up to? Peace of mind. Stress is not only a tough thing for your mind to deal with, it can also take years off of your life. So, save yourself the worry and frustration and hire professional packers.

Contact Our Tacoma Moving Company

So, is a professional packing service right for you? That’s your call! We can’t make that decision for you. However, we’d love to help make your move as stress-free as possible. If you’d like us to do all or part of your packing and/or unpacking, please let us know well in advance, since there is a high demand for our Tacoma packing crews.

If you’re ready to get the world-class packing and moving services that you deserve, then simply reach out to PNW Moving & Delivery today. You can even get a free estimate for your move by filling out this form. So, what are you waiting for?