Pros and Cons of Living In Auburn, WA

The Pros and Cons of Living In Auburn, WA

Pros and Cons of Living In Auburn, WA

Auburn is located in the heart of King County and is known for offering a blend of suburban charm and urban convenience. Whether you are looking for a place to spend quality time with your family or relax and rewind, this city won’t disappoint you. Since it’s between the cities of Seattle and Tacoma, ​​you will get access to a peaceful retreat while still being close to major urban centers. With its scenic landscapes, strong sense of community, and diverse housing options, Auburn has a lot to offer. However, like any city, it has its share of drawbacks. So if you’re considering moving here, here are some pros and cons of living in Auburn, WA you should know before you make it your new home. 

Pros of Living In Auburn, WA

Proximity to Major Cities

One of the biggest advantages of living in Auburn, WA, is its proximity to major cities like Seattle and Tacoma. Since it has a strategic location, you can have a work-life in the city and still live a quieter, suburban lifestyle. You get easy access to major highways such as I-5, SR-167, and SR-18, giving you multiple routes for daily travel. The ability to commute to Seattle or Tacoma for work opens up more career possibilities. And you also get benefits from the thriving economies while enjoying the more affordable living costs in Auburn. 

Scenic Beauty and Outdoor Activities

Auburn is surrounded by natural beauty, which makes it ideal for people who enjoy outdoor sports and activities. Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, bird watching, or simply spending time in nature, you will find everything in this city. Nature lovers can visit the Green River Natural Resources Area. It features 150+ species of birds and you also get access to walking and biking trails. 

The Game Farm Park is another great spot for families and sports enthusiasts. It focuses on preserving natural habitats and provides excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing and photography. If you want to enjoy some water-based activities, you can visit Lake Tapps. It offers opportunities for boating, fishing, swimming, and kayaking and you also get amenities like boat ramps, picnic areas, and playgrounds. 

Strong Sense of Community

Auburn is well-known for its strong sense of community, which makes it a supportive and welcoming place for people of all ages. To keep the community close and connected, a variety of events, and programs, are hosted, which helps in bringing residents together and create a friendly, neighborly atmosphere. Some of these events include AuburnFest and the Veterans Day Parade. The good thing about this fest is that it includes parades, live music, food vendors, and family-friendly activities, so you will get many opportunities to socialize and make new connections. This strong community spirit makes Auburn not just a place to live, but a place to call home.

Diverse Housing Options

Auburn offers a wide range of housing options that cater to various lifestyles, preferences, and budgets. Whether you want a sprawling estate, a simple family home, or a modern apartment, you will get your dream home here. If you live a low-maintenance life, you can find good condominiums as well. There are venues like Parkside Village Apartments and Auburn Court Apartment that offer comfortable living spaces and essential amenities. 

For those seeking more upscale living, Auburn has a selection of luxury estates that provide privacy, expansive grounds, and high-end features. The Hidden Valley and North Auburn Estates are some good options you can consider. 

Educational Opportunities

The robust educational system of this city makes it ideal for families. Since it caters to the needs of students of all ages, anyone can live here and get the best academic guidance. Auburn’s public school system is managed by the Auburn School District and there are options such as Auburn Riverside High School and Rainier Middle School where you can admit your kids. If you want to opt for a private school, then Holy Family Catholic School and Auburn Adventist Academy are some popular names. Auburn is home to Green River College, which provides associate degrees, certificate programs, and opportunities for continuing education.

Cultural Diversity

One amazing thing about Auburn is its diversity, which helps create a dynamic community where people from various cultures can come together, share their experiences, and learn from one another. Since this city is filled with people from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, it would be easier for you to build meaningful connections. There are also many festivals that celebrate this diversity, including the Hispanic Heritage Celebration and Asian Pacific Islander Festival. 

Apart from this, you can enjoy diverse dining experiences in this city. Sun Break Cafe and Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant are two popular spots where you can go and chill while having a hearty breakfast and traditional Mexican favorites. 

Economic Growth and Employment Opportunities

Auburn has been experiencing significant economic growth and development, which makes it a perfect city for people looking for good employment opportunities. Its strategic location attracts employers from various industries like manufacturing, aerospace, logistics, and distribution. One of the best examples of that is Boeing, which operates a major manufacturing facility in the city. 

This facility produces key aerospace components and provides numerous high-paying jobs in engineering, manufacturing, and support roles. The business-friendly environment of the city and its supporting policies make it easier for you to start something of your own. There are many initiatives as well to attract new businesses, support existing ones, and create a thriving local economy.

Cons of Living In Auburn, WA

Traffic and Commute Times

One of the major cons of living in Auburn is the traffic and commute times. So if you work in nearby major cities like Seattle or Tacoma, your daily commutes might be challenging. Although highways such as Interstate 5 (I-5), and State Route 167 (SR 167) provide easy access to surrounding areas, they are often congested, especially during peak hours. The good thing is that efforts are underway to address the traffic and commuting issues in and around Auburn. However, significant improvements may take time to materialize fully.

Weather and Rainfall

Auburn averages about 40 inches of rain per year, which is higher than the national average. This can be challenging for people who come from dry areas. In the winter seasons, it experiences a lack of sunlight, which can contribute to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in some individuals. Although it is rare, it can lead to feelings of depression and lethargy during the darker months of the year. While this city offers amazing recreational opportunities, the frequent rain can limit the enjoyment of these activities.

Limited Nightlife and Entertainment Options

You will love the family-friendly vibe of Auburn, but, it does fall short when it comes to nightlife and entertainment options. Unlike larger cities such as Seattle or Tacoma, Auburn does not have a significant number of nightclubs, bars, or late-night venues. So if you love exploring new night places, you might have to face disappointment. Although there are good pubs, the options are not as exotic as in larger metropolitan areas, which can be a con for people who enjoy a wider selection of nightlife venues.

Public Transportation Limitations

Another area where this amazing city falls short is in its public transportation system. So if you are someone who prefers to travel through public vehicles, you might have to face significant challenges. You will get some options like the Sounder Commuter Rail and bus services but they may not meet all of your needs. Since the public transport system is limited, the dependency on private cars increases, which leads to traffic congestion. Along with this, increased car usage contributes to higher carbon emissions and environmental pollution, which can hinder efforts to promote sustainability and reduce the ecological footprint.

Increasing Cost of Living

Auburn has become economically strong rapidly, which is increasing the cost of living. Since more and more people are moving here, the demand for housing, goods, and services is rising. The real estate market in Auburn has become more competitive, which can make it challenging for individuals and families looking to buy or rent a home. Retail and commercial sectors are growing as well, so the cost of goods and services in Auburn has also risen. 

Apart from this, property taxes are getting higher due to the increase in the value of properties. So if you choose to live here, you may experience higher property tax bills, which can increase the overall cost of homeownership.


So these were some pros and cons of living in Auburn, WA. This city is filled with scenic beauty, community spirit, and a range of housing options, which makes it a perfect place to settle down, however, potential residents should weigh the pros and cons carefully. Although it offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities, a friendly atmosphere, and spacious family homes, you should also consider factors such as traffic congestion, limited public transportation, and weather conditions before you make a move. By considering your personal preferences and lifestyle needs, you can determine if Auburn aligns with your vision of an ideal living environment.




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