Is Auburn, WA a Good Place To Live?

Is Auburn, WA a Good Place To Live

Is Auburn, WA a Good Place To Live?

Settled in the picturesque Green River Valley offers a unique blend of suburban charm and urban convenience. As one of the larger cities in the Seattle metropolitan area, Auburn has grown significantly over the past few decades, attracting a diverse population. 

But the question on many prospective residents’ minds is: Is Auburn, WA a good place to live?

For those considering a move, Auburn presents a compelling option. This city, located about 20 miles south of Seattle and 15 miles northeast of Tacoma, provides a perfect balance for those seeking tranquility without sacrificing access to urban amenities. Auburn’s scenic landscapes, characterized by lush parks and trails, offer residents plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Auburn’s community is known for its friendliness and inclusivity, fostering a sense of belonging among its residents. The city also boasts a vibrant cultural scene with numerous events and festivals that bring people together throughout the year. Educational facilities in Auburn are top-notch, ensuring that families have access to quality schooling options for their children.

In addition, Auburn’s housing market is more affordable than many of its neighboring cities, making it an attractive destination for both homeowners and renters. With a thriving job market and robust transportation infrastructure, Auburn ensures that residents can enjoy a high quality of life. So, is Auburn, WA a good place to live? Many would agree that it is, indeed, an excellent choice.

Cost of Living


Compared to the national average, the living costs in Auburn, WA are relatively high but still cheaper than those of neighboring Seattle. The major contributors to this higher cost of living are housing expenses. The median price for a home in Auburn is around $450,000 according to the latest data which is reasonable for the Seattle area where homes cost over $800,000 on average but are still more expensive than the countrywide median. Renting can be a viable option too since an average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment ranges from $1,200 to $1,500. In addition to these prices being higher there is a wide range of houses such as apartments and townhomes or single-family units available at different income levels.


Besides housing, other items like groceries, healthcare, and transportation fall generally within the national averages. However, grocery bills are slightly above the national average because grocery costs are comparable with other suburban areas and geographical variations inflate it a little bit. Healthcare costs in Auburn also tend to be near the national mean due to the presence of good healthcare facilities like MultiCare Auburn Medical Center among others. Use of public transport such as buses by King County Metro and Sounder commuter train tends to lower transportation costs thereby providing cheap means of accessing various destinations instead of using personal cars.

Things to Do

Auburn is made vibrant by its wide range of activities that make life enjoyable hence worth settling in Washington State – U.S.A. For instance, there are numerous outdoor recreational opportunities including hiking, biking, and fishing along the Green River while the Cascade Mountains provide excellent spots for adventuring. Of importance include the Green River natural resource area and many paths cutting through splendid landscapes around its vicinity. Besides that, there exist some well-maintained parks in Auburn comprising Les Gove Park and Game Farm Park.

Les Gove Park comprises playgrounds, picnic sites, scenic walkways in addition to hosting several annual events inside its community halls throughout every year. The game farm park is also another park that has fields for playing games and walking paths and picnic sites thereby being preferred by families as well as sports fanatics. The Auburn Farmers’ Market, held between June and September, is another place that attracts people to the area. Vendors in this market sell local food products like fresh produce and crafts resulting in a bustling community environment. It provides an ideal platform for supporting farmers and artisans in the region while enjoying the freshest seasonal vegetables.

Job Market

Employment Opportunities

Various areas provide a good number of job opportunities in the Auburn area. A key player is the manufacturing industry, with Boeing being one of the biggest companies within it, hiring for many engineering, production, and administrative positions. They also have significant retail and healthcare sectors that employ a wide range of workers with outfits like Outlet Collection Seattle (a large shopping mall) and MultiCare Health System offering different job opportunities. For education jobs, Auburn School District as well as Green River College have opportunities for teachers, administrators, or support staff. Apart from that, logistics, technology, and small businesses have created more employment chances due to the city’s growing economy.


Auburn is strategically located close to major highways such as I-5 and SR 167 which facilitate easy commuting to neighboring cities namely Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue. The average commute time for Auburn residents is approximately 30 minutes. Public transportation options such as the Sounder train offer efficient and dependable alternatives to driving hence making Auburn a favorable location for those working in larger cities. The Sounder train operates daily between Seattle and Tacoma whereas King County Metro buses serve numerous local and regional routes.


Crime Rate

Auburn, WA’s crime profile is mixed ranging from improvements to areas of concern. Auburn’s overall crime rate is 32 per 1,000 residents with a chance of being a victim of either violent or property crimes at about 1 in 18. This means that Auburn has a higher crime rate than 93% of other places in Washington. The city’s violent crime rate (including offenses such as armed robbery, manslaughter, rape, and murder) is around five per one thousand inhabitants which is more than many other such communities in the US. Property crime also features dominantly at an average of 51 per thousand people making motor vehicle theft an area of major concern since there is a risk that for every sixty-seven cars some get stolen.

Police Services

The Auburn Police Department has embraced community policing and prevention programs. There are programs like Neighborhood Watch and the Citizen Academy that help engage residents in providing security as well as establishing better relationships between police and members of the public they serve. Additionally, the department deals with particular challenges associated with property-related offenses such as burglaries, drug charges, and traffic safety concerns. Through regular community meetings and outreach initiatives, residents can be informed on happenings regarding their safety.



There are various recreational amenities provided by Auburn including parks, trails, and sports facilities among others. For instance, Game Farm Park consists of sports fields, picnic grounds, and a nature walkway therefore it can be used during family outings as well as sporting activities. However Auburn has reservations like Auburn Environmental Park used for bird watching and wetlands while Les Gove Park contains a water spray park playground or even a community center respectively but these must be specified considering its usage. Similarly, youth sports leagues that encompass fitness classes together with particular annual events held throughout the year for both youngsters as well adults are all part of the town’s recreational offerings.

Shopping and Dining

There are several shopping centers as well as dining areas found in the city. The Outlet Collection Seattle is among them, it is a large indoor outlet mall that has both high-end retail stores and discount outlets. In addition to these stores, downtown Auburn contains numerous restaurants and shops thereby providing varied eating places from fast food joints to fine dining hotels which include some of these well-known names for instance The Rock Wood Fired Pizza or Longhorn Barbecue hence this will allow residents to have different culinary tastes and ways of shopping.

Family-Friendly Aspects


Throughout the year many family-oriented activities take place in Auburn. During Petpalooza, a local festival aimed at pet lovers, families participate with their pets through various activities such as contests amongst other things. Likewise, there are also open-air concerts, movies offered through summer sounds, and cinema series that serve people of all ages hence it may be good for families wanting new experiences during holidays. Furthermore, Auburn’s parks and recreational programs provide activities tailored for children and families like sporting camps or even art lessons which they can use by joining at Christmas Parade & Santa Breakfasts.

Community Services

Cities in Auburn consist of adequately stocked libraries, community centers and youth programs so that they can help local children better understand themselves more effectively. For example, the YMCA in Auburn Valley offers swimming training for juveniles whereby coaching takes place on how to swim and after-school care while the public library here conducts storytelling time educational workshops reading programs, etc., all meant to enhance family learning engagement among members in attending such events. In conclusion, various services provided by local authorities show commitment towards ensuring Auburn’s households access facilities as part of community involvement that leads to healthy livelihoods.

Is Auburn, WA a Good Place to Live?

So, is Auburn, WA a good place to live? For many, the answer is a resounding yes. Auburn combines affordability, quality education, employment opportunities, and a strong sense of community, appealing to a wide range of residents. Its scenic beauty, recreational amenities, and cultural vibrancy further enhance its attractiveness.

Though no city is without its challenges, Auburn’s proactive community development and public safety efforts, along with its strategic location, make it an appealing choice for individuals and families seeking a new home. It’s no wonder many people love moving there, with plenty of reliable movers in Auburn, WA to assist in making the transition smooth. Whether you’re a young professional, a growing family, or someone looking to enjoy the golden years, Auburn, WA, has something to offer.




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