You made the call to our moving company in Tacoma for assistance with your upcoming move. You are planning everything out and anticipating every step. As you get ready for the actual moving day, you might not be sure quite what to expect.

As a professional moving company, our goal is to help make your move as stress-free as possible. For that reason, we are happy to answer any questions you might have about the move ahead. Feel free to reach out to our team as you get ready for your move and read on to learn more about what you can expect on moving day.

Understand Who Is Handling What

First and foremost, understand prior to your moving day who is responsible for doing what. For example, if you hired us only to load and unload your truck, then you need to arrange for a truck and you need to pack all of your own boxes. Everything should be ready to go the moment your team arrives.

However, if you hired us for packing services and for a complete moving service, you won’t need to do anything on the day of the move other than letting our movers into each house. Make sure that you clearly understand which services you are signing up for to prevent any confusion on the day of your move.

Have Everything Clearly Marked

If you have fragile items or boxes you want in specific places, make sure you clearly mark everything. This will make it easy for our moving team to quickly assess something prior to lifting it and packing it in the truck. Rather than requiring you to run around instructing everyone on what to do, clearly marked items that are organized before our arrival will help make the process smooth and fast.

Provide An Accurate Inventory

When we schedule a move with a client, we always ask for an accurate inventory. As your move date approaches, please review this inventory to ensure it is still correct. This goes a long way in helping our team stick to our schedule and reduces the amount of time anyone is waiting on their movers. Be sure to include everything from the number of boxes you need to be moved to the amount of disassembly and assembly assistance you will need for furniture and other bulky items.

Your Team Will Arrive During A Scheduled Time Slot

When you schedule your move, we will provide you with a window of time during which our movers will arrive. While we would love to provide an exact minute that we will show up, this is difficult to do as your movers will be handling multiple moves in one day. Our goal is to never keep our clients waiting around, but we do ask that you are flexible on your move date.

We will be in close contact with you on the day of your move and if anything changes or we are delayed for any reason, we will let you know. We understand how valuable your time is, which is why we strive to work efficiently.

You Can Step Back And Watch

Once your movers arrive, you can step back and let them do their work. You can use this time to attend to other important matters, such as finalizing details of your move. Remember, you hired us to do the heavy lifting, so sit back and destress while we handle the difficult part of the move.

Your Movers Will Unload At The New House

Finally, once your moving team has loaded up the truck and driven it to your new location, they will get to work unloading the items at your new house. If you requested assembly of any furniture, they will also handle this.

Ready to plan your next big move? Contact us at PNW Moving & Delivery for help from our top rated moving company in Tacoma and talk to us about the details of what you want to be done.