Do you feel like you’re being pulled in about a hundred different directions as you get ready to move? Whether it’s a long-distance move or you’re just heading across town, moving to a new home comes with a to-do list that just keeps going and going and going. There are an abundance of details to keep track of, steps to take, and changes to plan for. Here at PNW Moving & Delivery, we have hundreds of moves under our belts. All of that experience has helped us develop a comprehensive moving checklist to help you get organized and minimize the crazy you probably feel as you get ready to move. Start with this to-do list to get organized, and then call our team of moving pros to schedule your Tacoma-area move.

Make A List, Check It Twice

Okay, so you don’t need to actually become Santa, but you should certainly take a leaf out of his book. Making a list can seem like such a banal step, but it can provide some serious benefits in terms of organizing your mind and your move. We suggest making a combination to-do list and calendar to make it easier to rank the tasks in order of importance. It’s also a great way to soothe those overwhelmed feelings and make yourself feel accomplished as you start crossing items off the list. You can use our Ultimate Moving Checklist as a guide to get your list going, but don’t forget to add or alter it as needed for your move!

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Prepare Your Finances

At the beginning of the moving process, it’s a good idea to sit down and budget out the move. You’ll want to quote and schedule moving help as soon as possible not only to ensure you’re on the movers’ calendar, but also to give you time to create a good budget. Also consider transportation costs for your vehicles, hotels and meals if you’re moving long distance, cleaning services, a pet sitter, and home repair supplies. That moving checklist you created will help you create a more thorough budget.

Prepare For Emotions

Moving is a really emotional time. Hopefully, it’s an exciting time and the start of a new adventure, but it’s also going to be bittersweet as you prepare to leave your home, friends, family, and a familiar area. If you’re moving out of the area entirely, help yourself and your family prepare emotionally by starting the farewell process. Schedule play dates for your kids and coffee time or dinners with family and friends. We suggest starting your farewells a few weeks out so you have time to actually enjoy that time together, instead of feeling overly stressed from your impending move.

Schedule Things Ahead Of Time

It’ll take a lot of weight off your shoulders if you take the time to schedule things ahead of time, as much as is possible to do. Starting and stopping utilities are the obvious things, but you’ll also want to move your TV package, internet, phone bill, and any subscriptions you have. You can also pre-arrange mail forwarding so you don’t miss updates or important notices. This way, you don’t have to worry about whether you had electric shut off at the old place when you’re traveling to the new, and your TV can be up and running to provide some entertainment as you unpack.

Clean, Sell, And Donate

Packing a little at a time over the course of weeks is a lot easier than trying to rush everything into boxes at the eleventh hour. We suggest starting with one room at a time and doing a combination of organizing, cleaning, and paring down. Pick one room to start with, then go through a series of steps. First, get rid of all trash and broken things you won’t repair. Next, go through everything in the room and separate out things you don’t need or don’t use. Those can either be donated or sold in a garage sale. Finally, pack up anything that you don’t need to use before your move. This can include books, decor, seasonal items, some clothes, and so on.

Have A Garage Sale

Now that you’ve gone through every room, this is the perfect opportunity to make some extra money for your move! Host a garage sale to try to sell anything you don’t want to keep. Advertise a few days ahead of time on free online sources like Facebook and Craigslist. At the end of the day, anything that doesn’t sell can go to your local thrift store. Either way, it’s less you have to worry about packing and moving!

Take Care Of Repairs

Whether you’ve been renting or you’re selling your home, you’ll want to give yourself time to handle any repairs to the place you’re leaving. Touch up paint, fix that loose handle, and go through all of the other minor repairs you’ve been putting off. If you’re selling, those repairs may be part of your contract, and if you’ve been renting, this will help you get back more of your security deposit. It’s also a great way to leave your place feeling fresh and new for the next residents.

Measure Everything

It would be awfully annoying to get to your new home only to find that you can’t actually fit your massive overstuffed couch through the door! Before you even start looking for new homes, take the time to measure your bigger pieces of furniture. This way, you can check doorways, hallways, and room space to make sure your furniture will fit. If you find that some pieces won’t fit, this will give you the chance to sell them before you have to move them. As a bonus, this will also give you the chance to find replacement pieces and schedule delivery for after you’re at the new house.

There are a million and two steps to moving, but it doesn’t have to feel like you have that much to do! Let your local pros provide experienced, trustworthy moving help to take some of that burden off your shoulders. Connect with PNW Moving & Delivery in Tacoma for short- and long-distance moving help.