Moving can feel like a large ordeal. From orchestrating the details of the actual move date to the packing process leading up to the move, the entire experience is often hectic and stressful. As a local Tacoma moving company offering moving help throughout the area, we are here to assist you during this stressful time. Our goal is to make moving as hassle-free as possible for you. Whether you have an antique piano that needs to be moved carefully or you are looking for assistance with the packing process, we provide professional services geared toward making your life easier.

Reach out today for moving help and check out these top tips for staying organized during a move.

Start By Organizing Each Room

First things first — how organized is your house currently? If the answer is, not very, then this is the place to being. Too often people enter an unorganized room and simply start packing it up the chaos. The problem with this method is that by the end of your packing process, you will have a hodgepodge of boxes stuffed full of miscellaneous items. When you arrive at your new home, unpacking will be a mess.

Pick one room to start with. Pull things out of drawers, declutter tables, and go through shelves. Ideally, you should start this process well in advance of your move. This gives you time to adequately organize each room, getting rid of junk or clutter that you don’t want. When each room is clearly organized, packing will become a much easier affair.

Clearly Mark Your Boxes

Another mistake people often make is assuming they will remember what they packed in each box. Your memory might feel rock solid when you are packing up your belongings, but odds are good that by the time you open that box back up, you will have little to no idea what was packed away.

Not only can leaving your boxes a giant mystery cause you to dig through dozens of boxes before finding the item you need once you arrive at your new house, but it will also make it difficult to know where to put each box. Clearly mark your boxes with two things. First, mark them with the room they belong in, such as “Kitchen”. Secondly, put a number on the box that is easy to read and visible from any side. This number will be utilized in our next step.

Create An Inventory List

Perhaps one of the best ways to ensure your move is organized and flawless is to keep an ongoing inventory of what has been packed and where it resides. This is why adding a clearly visible number to each box will be a lifesaver during your move. As you pack a box, write the room on the box and a number. Then, in a dedicated moving notebook, write down what items are in each numbered box. When the time comes to unload your belongings and start unpacking, you will be 100 percent confident in what needs to be placed where. This can also help you as you prioritize unpacking.

Give Yourself Adequate Time

If you have ever moved in a rush, then you undoubtedly know the feeling of panic that can set in. This panic often leads to randomly stuffing everything as quickly as possible into any container in sight. The end result is a chaotic mess when you unpack.

Give yourself as much time as you possibly can for your move. The further in advance you prepare, the better chance you have at staying organized.

Hire Professional Moving Help

Lastly, handling a move on your own will almost always spell disaster. From trying to lift heavy objects to transporting antiques carefully to staying organized the whole time, it is nearly impossible to do well when you do it alone. Instead of trying to organize everything by yourself, reach out to a Tacoma moving company for professional moving help. This can make a huge difference in how smoothly the move goes and how protected your belongings are during the actual physical move.

Whether you are moving across town or across the state, our top rated moving company is here to help. We can ensure that you stay organized and that when you arrive at your new home, unpacking is a breeze. Reach out to our team at PNW Moving & Delivery today to schedule help.