Most of us associate moving with packing up all of our personal belongings and heading to a new home. However, commercial moving is an equally stressful endeavor. In fact, when you are coordinating the move of an entire office, it can be downright chaotic.

Here at PNW Moving & Delivery, we can assist you with a commercial move. Our professional moving company in Tacoma offers assistance to both individuals and businesses. If you need to move your team from one office to the next, make sure you contact us for assistance right away.

Check out these tips for helping prepare your office for an upcoming move.

Communicate With Your Team Early-On

No one likes to be surprised by a big change. This is particularly true in the office. Your employees have figured out how to utilize the time in their day the best way possible. Facing any interruption in their schedule can throw a wrench in the works.

Make sure that your team knows about a move long before the day of the move arrives. Don’t spring this information on them a week prior. Give them enough notice that they can start to plan their workload and schedule accordingly.

Block Out Time For The Move

Make sure that every single person in your company is blocking out adequate time for the move. If you plan to have the move completed during the morning hours of a specific day, ask everyone to block that time out on their calendars. Don’t plan meetings, phone calls, or anything else during this period of time. This will ensure that no one is interrupted mid-task or that any balls are dropped.

Give Everyone Details About The New Office

People often fear change. Uncertainty about a move can take a toll on your team’s morale. Be sure they understand why you are moving and give them details about the new office. Highlight the positives of the move, such as more space for your team to grow or better natural lighting. Don’t leave your team in the dark as the less they know, the more they might invent in their mind.

Try To Accommodate Requests

Another reason that employees will push back on moving offices is because they like a specific aspect of their current set up. Perhaps you have a team that spends a lot of time on the phones. They are loud and could be potentially disruptive to other employees. Currently, the office is divided so that these people are far away from those who need quiet to concentrate. Make sure that if these teams want to remain in different locations in order to protect productivity, you listen to their request and accommodate it if at all possible.

You can also utilize a move to solve existing problems. Ask your department leaders what could be done better in the new space and try to implement these suggestions.

Clearly Designate Responsibilities

Make sure that before the day of the move arrives, everyone knows exactly what their responsibilities are. Do they need to move their own personal belongings? Will they be helping carry over company items? Don’t leave this to be organized the day of, plan ahead.

Opt For Professional Assistance To Save Time & Money

Finally, moving from one office to another can be extremely time intensive. This can cost your business a lot of money in lost productivity. To best prepare your team for a move, hire a commercial moving company. This will ensure that as little time as possible is wasted during the move.

If you are looking for a team of movers who can help you with an office move in Tacoma, reach out to our team at PNW Moving & Delivery today.