When you hire moving help, you’re trusting them with a big part of your life. All of your furnishings and clothing might not seem like that big of a deal; it’s all just replaceable stuff after all. But at the same time, things that look innocuous may hold cherished memories that are irreplaceable. Here at PNW Moving & Delivery, we have plenty of experience making sure families’ cherished memories and household goods get moved safely. If you’re looking for moving help that you can trust, we suggest starting with some “get to know you” questions to ask any moving company before you hire them. This includes:

Are you licensed?

It’s easy for someone to say they offer professional moving services, but not all of them actually are professionals. The first question should always be whether the movers you’re talking to are licensed. This is a concern for a few reasons. First, your movers will be driving a moving truck that takes a special type of license to operate. Second, there are liability concerns if your hired moving help gets hurt on the job. And third, you want to be sure your movers have the experience and know-how to actually move your things safely — not just toss everything in a truck without a care.

If a moving company is licensed, it should be no trouble to verify that. Ask for their license number and take the time to check it with the U.S. Department of Transportation or with your state’s transportation regulation department. This will not only show you that their license is real and active, but it will also show you any complaints related to their licensing.

What kind of insurance protection do you provide?

If you hire moving help, someone has to be responsible for any potential injuries or accidents that the movers might incur on the job. You’ll want to verify that your moving help provides insurance coverage to protect their employees and to protect you from being liable. In addition, we suggest looking for moving help that also provides insurance options to protect your household goods and the properties you’re moving out of and into. A homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy will give you some protection, but often they don’t cover everything. Ask any potential moving help what options they have to protect your goods and to provide protection if the movers accidentally send your antique grandfather clock smashing through the front window (for example). You’ll want to be sure there’s protection for the house/condo/townhouse as well as your household goods.

How do you quote a move?

Be wary of any moving help that will provide a quote sight-unseen. It’s possible to provide a pretty accurate quote online or over the phone, but we’ll need a plethora of information from you first. If you connect with moving help that is willing to quote your move with minimal information, be sure to ask how they calculate price and what happens if your move ends up costing more than the quoted price. You don’t want to be surprised with a bunch of hidden fees after the move has taken place! Corollary to this, you’ll want to ask how binding the quote is if you agree to use their services and/or question how much the price might change between quote and final payment total.

Are there any restrictions to your moving services?

Some moving companies may have exclusions or restrictions on what they’ll move or other services they will provide. For example, not all movers have the capability to safely move delicate and oversized pieces like a piano or a pool table. This is a question worth asking because some movers may not even move appliances! If you’ve got heavy or oversized things to move, you may want to have someone come out and give a more accurate quote after seeing everything you need them to move. Asking about exclusions or restrictions is also a good way to safeguard against potential changes to the original price you were quoted.

Do you have the necessary equipment?

One of the major benefits of hiring professional moving help is that they’re prepared with all of the equipment that you’d need to purchase to safely move yourself. But it’s also better to be safe than sorry. Ask about the equipment they have to be your moving help will come prepared with the furniture blankets, dolleys, and hoisting equipment necessary to move everything safely.

How customizable are your services?

A moving company’s willingness to customize their services isn’t a make-or-break factor, but it can make all the difference in the price you pay and the ease of your move. Every move is different, and companies willing to customize their moving help can make the moving process easier on themselves and on you. If you don’t need help packing anything except awkward, oversized pieces, ask whether their packing services are customizable. If you need someone to drive the truck but not load it, well, we don’t necessarily recommend that since we’re the packing and moving professionals, but that’s something to discuss with your moving help if that’s what you need.

Can you provide references?

In our modern, digital age, it might sound archaic to ask for references. That’s what reviews and testimonials are for, right? However, we still recommend asking for the contact information of a few references. Talking to people who have used their services means you’ll get the chance to ask questions and learn more about the experience than a review generally gives. Think of references like a professional word-of-mouth recommendation. While you’re at it, though, don’t forget about going digital. Check online reviews and look for any complaints with the Better Business Bureau as well.

When you hire professional moving help, you’re trusting your household goods and years of memories to that team. Here at PNW Moving & Delivery, we want to be sure you feel comfortable hiring us. Get a quote for your move online easily, or give us a call to learn more about our team and see how we can make your Tacoma move a breeze!